Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders. Our international fraternity was founded at New York University in 1904, and the CMU Omega Psi chapter was started in 2005. Since then we've been attracting the brightest business-minded students on campus in the interest of developing their professional skills and living our core values of Brotherhood, Knowledge, Integrity, Service, and Unity.

As Carnegie Mellon's only professional fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi is a unique brotherhood to this campus. Regardless of age or major, each our brothers are dedicated to pursuing excellence in corporate and community leadership. We are proud to call many of the most accomplished leaders on campus our own: presidents of business clubs and honor societies, chairs of major campus-wide events, student teachers, varsity athletes, and organizers of important community service initiatives. Our majors are as diverse as our interests, with one third of our members studying Business Administration and the rest studying anything from Creative Writing to Electrical and Computer Engineering.

When our members graduate, they join a rich CMU Alpha Kappa Psi alumni network spanning across the country. Our graduates can be found working at some of the most prestigious business and technology companies in the world: from Google to Goldman Sachs, from Microsoft to McKinsey & Company, and more. I invite you to see for yourself why the members of the Omega Psi chapter are proud to be in Alpha Kappa Psi, and discover if you want to be a part of it as well.

Christopher Ruland
President of the Omega Psi Chapter

The History of Alpha Kappa Psi

In 1904, Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on the principles of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business and to further the individual welfare of members during college and beyond.

In developing principled business leaders, Alpha Kappa Psi adheres to 5 lifetime values: Brotherhood, Knowledge, Integrity, Service and Unity. Brotherhood represents trust, respect, cooperation, companionship and that aid to brother members is the expected norm; Knowledge represents education and that experience is emphasized and shared; Integrity represents that all actions, whether in business of in life, are guided by honesty, ethics and fairness; Service represents that the sharing of time, talent, and treasure with society and with out fraternity is priority; and Unity represents that a common understanding of our vision and values that transcends chapter, generation and profession is utilized to anticipate and create the future. Our vision is that Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.

College men and women everywhere are discovering that Alpha Kappa Psi is much more than just another organization or club - it is a unique, prestigious association of students, professors, graduates and professionals with common interest and goals. They join Alpha Kappa Psi to take advantage of valuable educational, friendship and networking opportunities.